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Banking Industry Regulations to Limit Earnings Growth in the Long Term

Bove, Richard X.
Richard X. Bove, Equity Research Analyst at Rafferty Capital Markets, LLC, covers the financial services and banking sector. Mr. Bove's research has received recognition from a number of industry sources over the years. He has appeared over 500 times in the past few years on the popular business channels. He is also extensively quoted in the print media. From time to time, Mr. Bove has been contacted by the banking regulators, up to and including the White House, for his thoughts on the industry. His work has been noted internationally in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Mr. Bove entered the securities industry at the end of 1965. Since that time he has held positions as a Salesperson, Analyst and Director of Research with firms such as Wertheim, Shearson and Rafferty Capital Markets. For most of this period his focus has been on companies in the bank and financial sector, but he has also covered building and business services companies. Profile
TWST: If you could, tell the readers what you cover in the banking industry.

Mr. Bove: Basically, I follow all of the large universal and regional banks in the United States and Canada,