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Asher & Martin Troppe – Epport Capital Management Llc

MARTIN J. TROPPE is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a founder of Epport Capital Management, LLC, an investment management company specializing in equities. Since 1994 he has served as a general securities licensed, registered representative. He is affiliated with Basic Investors, Inc. where he provides investment management services to a select group of individual investors. His focus is on finding value in fundamental and industry analysis. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent. Martin J. Troppe has extensive experience in sales, marketing and management with over twenty years in senior management positions in the restaurant, food and beverage industries and eight years in the real estate industry. Profile
ASHER L. TROPPE is the Chief Operating Officer and a founder of Epport Capital Management, LLC. Prior to founding Epport, he provided investment management services to a select group of investors using some of the strategies that are employed by the hedge fund under management by the firm. Mr. Troppe specializes in the use of equity derivatives to create, enhance, and protect wealth in the markets. He enjoys trading on both the long and short sides of the markets using a blend of technical and fundamental analysis. In the near future, he will be managing a market-neutral fund based on options. Profile
TWST: Will you tell us about the investment objective you try to


Mr. M. Troppe: Generally we look for long-term substantial growth. We

are also doing short-term trading and