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Arol Buntzman – Evci Career Colleges Inc (evci)

DR. AROL I. BUNTZMAN, Chairman of EVCI and Chancellor or Interboro Institute, has broad academic training and extensive experience in both business and higher education. His earned degrees include a BS- Finance & Real Estate (A.S.U.), an MBA- Management & Finance (A.S.U.), a Professional Diploma'Educational Administration (Fordham University), and a Doctor of Education Degree-Executive Leadership Program (Fordham University). Dr. Buntzman has 20 years of experience as a senior level executive/officer of industrial and commercial corporations functioning in real estate, property management, hospital equipment, bio-technology and cosmetics, along with 10 years of experience as a senior level executive/officer/program director of higher education institutions and corporations including Westchester Community College, Mercy College, Fordham University, Interboro Institute and EVCI. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a capsule summary of EVCI today?

Dr. Buntzman: EVCI Career Colleges Incorporated owns and operates

career colleges and career training centers. Our career