Technology >> CEO Interviews >> June 8, 1998

Arik Kilman – Level 8 Systems Inc (lvel)

ARIK KILMAN - For more than a decade, Mr. Kilman has been turning technology opportunities into thriving new businesses. He has created, managed and taken public dynamic companies known internationally for technology excellence and business success. Mr. Kilman is leading Level 8 into a new era of sustained growth. He has positioned his company for a profitable future as a provider of software products and services that take advantage of industry standard message queuing and distributed object middleware to provide open access to enterprise systems. As CEO of Level 8 Systems, Inc. (formerly known as Across Data Systems, Inc.), Mr. Kilman took the company public: the stock now trades on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol 'LVEL.' An insightful decision maker, Mr. Kilman has used a hands-on-management style to focus on developing Level 8's corporate infrastructure, in anticipation of the company's rapid growth in the near future. Mr. Kilman has degrees in computer science from Bar llan University in Israel and New York University. A licensed pilot, his interests include books and sports. Profile
TWST: Give us a brief summary, a historical sketch on Level 8 Systems.

Mr. Kilman: Level 8 was established in 1994 by basically three founders:

one of them is Sam Somech who previously, before