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Andres Salazar – Digital Transmission Systems Inc (dtsx)

ANDRES C. SALAZAR has been CEO and a Member of the Board of Directors of Digital Transmission Systems Inc. (DTS) since 1994. He is also President of Wi-LAN Wireless Data Communications, Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Wi-LAN, Inc., of Calgary, Alberta. Mr Salazar joined DTS from AT&T Paradyne of Largo, FL, where he had been Vice President and General Manager of a number of major communications product lines sold through direct, indirect and international sales channels. Prior to his tenure at AT&T Paradyne, he had been Senior Vice President of Operations at Avanti Communications of Rhode Island and later, Norton, MA, where he managed the Manufacturing, Service and Development departments of the company. Before that, Mr. Salazar had been Vice President of Engineering at Infinet, Inc., a Boston area-based manufacturer of data communications equipment. He also served during 1975-1976 as a Telecommunications Expert for the Geneva, Switzerland-based ITU agency of the United Nations. Mr. Salazar is a PhD graduate in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and earned an MBA from Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt U., UK) and is the author of numerous technical journal articles. Profile
TWST: Would you give us a background summary on Digital Transmission

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