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Alignment of Interests and Balance Among Stakeholders’ Key Investment Metrics

Boogard, Richard Vanden
Richard Vanden Boogard, CFA, is an Associate at Jacobson & Schmitt Advisors, LLC, and serves on the investment committee helping determine portfolio direction and composition. Before joining the firm, he performed equity research with a midsized institutional fund manager in support of four distinct funds. His work focused on fundamental analysis and stock selection within a broad array of global industries including technology, basic materials, Internet, media and housing. In his spare time, Mr. Vanden Boogard also developed a long-term investment strategy based on fundamental data and a process rooted in behavioral finance. He holds a bachelor's in electrical and computer engineering from Michigan Technological University, and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin's Applied Security Analysis Program. Prior to formally joining the investment profession, Mr. Vanden Boogard worked for two Fortune 100 companies as an Engineer, while also studying stocks and markets. Profile
TWST: Please begin with a snapshot of the firm and an overview of your responsibilities.

Mr. Vanden Boogard: We are a wealth management firm for the “mass affluent.” Our