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Actively Managed Mutual Fund Investing – John Pileggi – American Independence Funds

John Pileggi is Managing Partner and a Founder of American Independence Financial Services, LLC, where he is responsible for the overall management of the firm. Previously Mr. Pileggi was President and CEO of Mercantile Investment & Wealth Management, and President of Mercantile Capital Advisors and Mercantile Securities until March 2004. In 2001 Mr. Pileggi was President and CEO of PlusFunds. From 1997 to 2000, he served as Chairman and CEO of ING Funds, and CEO of ING Investment Products Distribution, for which he oversaw the January 1999 launch of a mutual fund operation that grew to $1.5 billion in assets and 18 funds in its first year. Before 1997 he was Senior Managing Director and a member of the board of Furman Selz LLC, where he managed the mutual funds and prime brokerage divisions. Furman Selz was acquired by ING in 1997. Mr. Pileggi began his career at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb in 1979. Profile
TWST: What were the motivating factors for starting American Independence?

Mr. Pileggi: I speak at a lot of events and I always start off by saying, "Many of you were probably asking why in the