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Achieving Returns in the Midstream Energy Infrastructure Space

Scott D. Roulston is a Managing Director at MAI Capital Management, LLC. He joined the firm in 2013, and has over 30 years of experience in global investment research and wealth management. For over 20 years, Mr. Roulston was the CEO of Fairport Asset Management and its predecessor firm, Roulston & Company. He led the firm through numerous industry changes to grow the company from $300 million to over $1 billion in managed assets. Mr. Roulston earned his B.A. in economics from Dartmouth College. He has an extensive history of civic contributions and governance roles on corporate boards. Profile
Michael R. Wagner is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at MAI Capital Management, LLC. He joined MAI in June 2009, and is primarily responsible for the fixed income investment management of agency, personal trust, profit sharing, and IRA relationships for high net worth executives, foundations, professional athletes and wealthy families. In 2008, Northern Trust acquired LakePoint Investment Partners, where Mr. Wagner was the Director of Fixed Income. In that capacity, he was responsible for investment strategies involving quantitative analysis and research, trading and portfolio management. Mr. Wagner has extensive experience in risk management, research, trading and portfolio management. He earned his B.S. from Cornell University and his MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles. Profile
TWST: Let’s start with a bit of history and background on MAI Capital Management.

Mr. Roulston: MAI has been around for a little over 40 years, and originally was founded as part