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Achieving Income with Moderate Risk in the Energy Infrastructure Space

Eades, Chris
Chris Eades is Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of ClearBridge Investments. Mr. Eades co-manages multiple energy MLP strategies. He has 24 years of investment industry experience. Mr. Eades joined ClearBridge in 2007 as a senior research analyst for energy and was named Co-Director of Research in 2009. As a Director of Research, Mr. Eades oversaw the cornerstone of the ClearBridge approach to investing: proprietary research. In 2014, Mr. Eades left his role as Director of Research in order to focus on ClearBridge's rapidly expanding energy MLP strategies. Previously, Mr. Eades served as an energy analyst and portfolio manager at Saranac Capital. Prior to that, Mr. Eades served as an analyst covering energy exploration and production companies for Simmons & Company, and was an energy analyst at both UBS Warburg and NatWest Securities. He holds a B.A. in economics from Vanderbilt University. Profile
TWST: What fund did you want to talk about today?

Mr. Eades: I'd like to talk about the ClearBridge Energy MLP and Infrastructure Fund