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Abdul Ladha – (aac)

ABDUL LADHA is President and Chief Executive Officer of since September 1999. He led the company to develop proprietary technology capable of broadcasting auctions live over the Internet, enabling users on personal computers to bid head-to-head with individuals attending an auction in person. The technology facilitated strategic alliance with Compaq, Allaire, and Telus. Mr. Ladha holds an Honors degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from the University of British Columbia. In 1985, after completing his academic term at UBC and the Tri-University Meson Facility, a nuclear physics research laboratory, he formed the Dexton Computer Corporation. He is now a lifetime Member of the President and Chancellors Circle, University of British Columbia. Profile
TWST: Could you give us a little history of Ableauctions and an


Mr. Ladha: We are a publicly traded auctioneer with two components to

our business model. The bricks and mortar