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Jostrom, Eric H.
Eric H. Jostrom is Chairman, Chief Investment Officer & Member of the Investment Committee of Ipswich Investment Management Co., Inc. (IIM). Prior to joining IIM, he was a Managing Director and Member of the Investment Committee for Beacon Fiduciary Advisors Inc., which was acquired by Bank of New York and renamed BNY Trust Company. Mr. Jostrom is presently affiliated with Iceman Capital Management Advisors as a Director and Member of the Investment Committee in the United Kingdom. Previously, he was Managing Director for Scimitar Ltd. and its affiliates. Scimitar was the asset management arm of Standard Chartered Bank. He was President, Managing Director and Shareholder for Scimitar North American Asset Management Co., Inc. Subsequently, he held positions as a Non-Executive Director for Indosuez International Advisors S.A. Paris, and later Indocam International Investment Advisors S.A., and Indosuez Asia Advisors in Hong Kong. Mr. Jostrom was also President of Asia Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. Earlier in his career, he was a Research Analyst, Vice President and Officer for Eaton & Howard, which became Eaton Vance. Mr. Jostrom is a retired U.S. Armed Forces Commander USN and was qualified as a Defense Attache. His memberships include the Boston Financial Analysts Society and The Boston Economic Club, and he is a Trustee and Corporation Member of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Falmouth, Mass., where he serves on its Investment Committee. Mr. Jostrom is a member of the Conservation Commission in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. He graduated from Babson College with a B.S. degree in finance and investments, and has graduate work in international economics. Profile
TWST: Please start with a brief history of Ipswich and an overview of the firm today.

Mr. Jostrom: Ipswich was founded by a good friend and kindred spirit, William Markos, back in 1986.