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A Contrarian Look At Long & Short Equities – Joseph Parnes – Technomart Investment Advisors

Parnes, Joseph
Joseph Parnes founded Technomart Investment Advisors in 1979, and he is the President of the firm, directing all research, analysis and corporate strategy. Mr. Parnes is responsible for supplying the firm's private and institutional clients with practical investment advice. He has experience across a broad array of industries, with a special focus on growth companies and on short-selling strategies. He is also the Executive Editor of the Shortex Market Letter, a triweekly publication providing specific market insight and recommendations on seven long and seven short positions. Mr. Parnes has been featured regularly in Barron's, Forbes and Investor's Business Daily, and his investment predictions have been showcased in a the media, including Bloomberg TV, CNBC and First Business News. He earned a B.S. in engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a Ph.D. in economics from the Societe Francaise des etudes Parapsi Cologiques in Paris. Profile
TWST: Would you give us an overview of Technomart Investment Advisors?

Mr. Parnes: Technomart Investment Advisors is an independent financial advisory service, focusing on fundamental and technical