Technology >> CEO Interviews >> October 18, 2004


JON EASTERSON is Business Development Manager for Trio-Tech International from 2002 to present. He has 13 years experience as International Sales Manager for Trio-Tech International. Mr. Easterson has 5 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer for Naval Air Systems Command. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Villanova University. Profile
A. CHARLES WILSON is Chairman of Trio-Tech International. Mr. Wilson is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ernest Paper Products, Inc.; Chairman of Daico Industries, Inc. Mr. Wilson is currently a Member of the California BAR. He was a former teacher of International Law and Finance. Mr. Wilson has been a guest lecturer at local universities. He has received a JD from the University of Southern California. Profile
TWST: We'd like to begin with a brief historical sketch of Trio-Tech

International, and an overview of the things that you are doing at the

present time.

Mr. Wilson: We are a company that's