Healthcare >> CEO Interviews >> June 16, 2017

Interview with the Founder and CEO: MyDx, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MYDX)

Yazbeck, Daniel
Daniel Yazbeck is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MyDx, Inc. He is the seed investor and creator of the MyDx Analyzer. Mr. Yazbeck leverages nearly 15 years of experience with Fortune 500, as a Scientist for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals specializing in chemical R&D technologies, and as an Engineer and Strategic Market Developer for Panasonic, creating new products and partnerships in the consumer electronics health care industry. Mr. Yazbeck has been a cash flow investor for over 10 years, holds a Master of Science in medicinal chemistry from McGill University, a minor in marketing, and is a co-author on several world patents and research publications. Profile
TWST: Can you describe what you believe to be the key technology of the company and then also explain the regulatory process it must go through?

Mr. Yazbeck: MyDx