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Having an Analytical Advantage to Stock Picking

Resendes, Rafael
Rafael Resendes is the Co-Founder of The Applied Finance Group, a Founding Managing Director of Toreador Research and Trading, and a Founding Managing Member of AFGI. Founded in 1995, The Applied Finance Group — AFG — specializes in understanding the expectations embedded in market prices and constructing portfolios from that information to outperform stock market indices around the world. Founded in 2006, Toreador Research and Trading applies AFG’s research through its domestic and international funds. Mr. Resendes is the Co-Portfolio Manager of Toreador’s Domestic Large Cap Core, Explorer Fund and International Large Cap Core Fund. Founded in 2014, AFGI provides portfolio management services to RIAs and bank trust departments focused on custom portfolio model delivery. Mr. Resendes graduated Phi Beta Kappa from The University of California at Berkeley, with a B.S. degree in finance and economic analysis, and he obtained his MBA from the University of Chicago. Mr. Resendes routinely provides educational seminars on the topics of portfolio construction, valuation and market expectations, speaking to over 35 Financial Analyst Societies in 14 countries. Profile
TWST: Today we’re talking about the Core Fund. How do you feel about the performance at this point?

Mr. Resendes: What has been really gratifying for us about this product is that we