William L. Van Alen

WILLIAM L. VAN ALEN JR. is President, Director and Chairman of
the Board of Polestar Management Company, The NOAH Funds advisor.
An attorney engaged in the private practice of law since 1962,
Mr. Van Alen observed a desire on the part of Bible-believing
individuals to invest in harmony with biblical values and started
The NOAH Fund in 1996. Mr. Van Alan oversees the day-to-day
operations of The NOAH Funds and remains committed to
shareholders and financial planners. As evidence of his mission
to provide investors with diverse investment choices based on
Judeo-Christian principles, he expanded the NOAH Funds in
November 2002 to include five new mutual funds managed by first-
class portfolio managers. Mr. Van Alen resides with his wife,
Judy, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and regularly
attends a Bible-believing church near his home.