Timothy J. Wahl

TIMOTHY J. WAHL is Managing Director, Investment Advisory Committee
Member and Director of the GKM Growth Fund at GKM Advisers, LLC. He
assisted in the formation of GKM Advisers, Inc., in January 2000 and has
been responsible for the overall operations since its inception. He is
also the President and a member of the board of trustees of the GKM
Growth Fund which began operations in January 2002. Mr. Wahl has worked
in capital markets for over 12 years. Prior to joining the firm, he ran
his own financial advisory firm (Wahl Financial), which subsequently
served as the business model for GKM Advisers. Previously, he worked as
an over-the-counter specialist making markets in securities for Gruntal
& Co. in Los Angeles and Cruttenden Roth in Irvine, California. He
earned his CPA credential while working for Deloitte and Touche,
auditing large money management firms and professional sports
franchises. Mr. Wahl played professional baseball for the Milwaukee
Brewers while completing his college education at Oklahoma City
University and California State University at Dominguez Hills with a BS
in Accounting.

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