Stuart A. Shikiar

Shikiar, Stuart A.

Stuart A. Shikiar founded Shikiar Asset Management Inc. in 1995, and is the firm’s Chairman and Chief Investment Officer. The firm is a registered investment adviser catering to high net worth individuals, families and tax-exempt institutions, and is based upon the investment philosophy and processes cultivated by Mr. Shikiar over his 35-plus years of managing investment portfolios. Prior to founding Shikiar, he was a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Omega Advisors, a hedge fund with $10 billion-plus in AUM. Prior to joining Omega, Mr. Shikiar was Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of Prudential Securities Investment Management for 10 years, overseeing $2 billion-plus in AUM. He also held the Chief Investment Officer position at Furman Selz Capital Management prior to Prudential, and before that was part of an investment team as a portfolio manager at Wertheim & Company, catering to high net worth individuals and institutions. Mr. Shikiar has served on the board of directors of three publicly traded companies, one listed on the NYSE, one listed on the AMEX and one Nasdaq-listed. He has a BBA from City College of New York. Mr. Shikiar is a trustee of the Baruch College Fund. He is also former Chairman of Baruch’s Endowment Investment Committee and is still an active member of that committee.

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