Jesse Stein

Stein, Jesse

Jesse Stein is the Real Estate Tech Expert at ETF Managers Group, LLC. He is also Managing Director of Everyrealm Inc. Beginning in 2020, he was Head of Real Estate at Republic, a multi-asset investment platform. He also is the Managing Principal of Advanced Fundamentals, an index and data analytics firm that developed the Brixx Commercial Real Estate Indexes, which serve as the underlying index for exchange-listed futures and options products. Previously, Mr. Stein was the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Compound, a real estate syndication platform that was acquired by Republic. Earlier in his career, Mr. Stein founded ETRE Financial, a real estate technology platform where he built a trading platform specifically designed for real estate securities, created a family of REIT indices, and developed a structure to take large commercial real estate properties public as exchange-traded properties. He graduated from Cornell University and received a master’s degree in real estate investment from NYU.