S. David Ellenbogen

S. DAVID ELLENBOGEN co-founded Hologic and has served as its Chief
Executive Officer and a director since its organization in October 1985,
as its Chairman since May 1994, as its President from October 1985 until
May 1994 and as its Treasurer from October 1995 until February 1992.
Prior to founding Hologic, Mr. Ellenbogen served as President, Treasurer
and a director of Diagnostic Technology, Inc. (DTI), which he co-founded
in 1981. DTI, which developed an x-ray product for digital angiography,
was acquired in 1982 by Advanced Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL), a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Squibb Corporation. Mr. Ellenbogen was
involved in the management of the digital angiography group of ATL from
1982 to 1985. Since July 1989, Mr. Ellenbogen has also been the Chairman
and a director of Vivid Technologies, Inc.

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