Ruth Belbin

RUTH BELBIN joined Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc. in April 1998 as the
Eastern European Telecommunications Analyst. In January 2001, she began
covering the European Cable and ISP sectors. Previously she worked at
DMG Moscow from 1994-1996 as a Russian equities analyst and from
1996-1998 as Russian Telecoms Analyst. She was directly responsible for
setting up DMG’s Russian brokerage and custody operation. Prior to that,
Ms. Belbin worked at Deloitte Touche Moscow as a management consultant,
where she worked on US Aid privatization and capital markets projects
throughout Russia. Ms. Belbin graduated first class honors with a BS in
Economics and Political Science from the University of Birmingham, UK in
1991. She also received a Masters in Russian and East European studies
at the Centre for Russian Studies, University of Birmingham, UK in 1993.