Ronald A. Walrod

RONALD A. WALROD was elected President, Chief Executive Officer
and Director of JMAR Technologies, Inc., in October 2002. From
1998 to 2000, Mr. Walrod served as President and CEO of Kinetic
Probe, a privately-held company engaged in the development of
semiconductor probe cards. While there, he established a new
business model for the startup operation and secured funding from
a range of sources to develop and commercialize its product. From
1996 to 1998, Mr. Walrod served as President and CEO of
Nautronix, a leading supplier of dynamic positioning, autopilot
and automation systems for marine applications. While under his
direction, that company, a US subsidiary of an Australian
company, effectively capitalized on emerging opportunities in the
offshore oil and gas industry and tripled its revenues in less
than two years. From 1984 to 1993, Mr. Walrod served as President
and CEO of Applied Remote Technology, Inc. (ART), a company he
founded to develop autonomous undersea vehicle (AUV) systems,
advanced undersea sensors and acoustic communications links, all
of which have both commercial and military applications. Under
his leadership, ART formed a series of teaming agreements,
strategic alliances, and technology transfer agreements that
enabled it to gain rapid access to its targeted markets. The
effectiveness of ART’s AUV and sensor systems earned the company
recognition as a leading innovator in the field and led directly
to ART’s acquisition by General Dynamics. Mr. Walrod graduated
with honors from the United States Coast Guard Academy and earned
both Master’s of Science and Professional Engineer degrees from
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970, and he
received a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the
University of San Diego in 1983. He was awarded a fellowship for
graduate studies in Ocean Engineering from the National Science
Foundation and has twice received the Industrial Research and
Development IR 100 Award for Remotely Operated Vehicles developed
under his direction. Mr. Walrod holds a United States Patent for
‘Comminution by Cryogenic Electrohydraulics’ that was issued in

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