Robert Russell

ROBERT RUSSELL was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Axeda Systems Inc. in August 2001. He has over 25 years of management
experience in leading technology companies and as a proven senior
executive of global enterprises. Before joining Axeda, Mr. Russell
served as President and CEO of Thomson Lifelong Learning Group, where he
led a successful and strategic shift in the organization and guided his
market group to record-breaking financial results. He also served as
President of the McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group, where his
outstanding performance transforming the business focus and
organizational structure of the company (while simultaneously exceeding
revenue and profit goals, expanding growth, product innovation and
customer retention), earned him the Chairman’s Award for Excellence in
Management. Mr. Russell began his career at Digital Equipment
Corporation (now Compaq), where he spearheaded customer software
development projects. After serving within Digital’s software services
and technical support areas, Mr. Russell was given the role of Vice
President of Software Services for the New York Region. His performance
in this role led to his appointment as Vice President of Systems
Integration for the Americas, in which he implemented the design and
planning for a new services business within Digital. In 1992, Mr.
Russell was asked to lead Digital’s Financial Services, Public
Administration, and Professional Services Market Group ‘ ultimately
responsible for an organization with 1,800 employees and $1 billion in
revenue within Digital’s worldwide $13.4 billion organization. Mr.
Russell received a BS from Ohio University and is a graduate of the Yale
University School of Management Executive Program. He is a Board member
of the Ohio University College of Business and the National Building
Museum in Washington, DC, and is a former Regent of the American
Architectural Foundation. Mr. Russell is President of the National Ice
Hockey Officials Association and is an active NCAA Ice Hockey Official.
He is a Board member of U.S. Lacrosse in Baltimore, Maryland, and
continues to be involved in a number of civic organizations, including
the New Haven Ronald McDonald House.

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