Robert J. Bernabucci

ROBERT J. BERNABUCCI is President of UPS Capital Corp., responsible for
the strategic development and management of UPS’s wholly owned financial
services subsidiary. Mr. Bernabucci, who joined UPS in 1973 in the west
New England district, brings more than 25 years of financial planning
and strategy experience to UPS Capital. He joined the corporate finance
group in 1989 in the financial planning department and, in 1994, assumed
the responsibilities of corporate treasury, which included financial
resources, investments, share owner relations, financial planning, and
corporate risk management. He also served on the board of UPINSCO, a
wholly owned reinsurance subsidiary of UPS. In 1996, he joined the
corporate strategy group, which evaluates and recommends business
strategies of UPS. Mr. Bernabucci is a graduate of the University of
Connecticut, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, as well
as Wharton’s Advanced Management Program. In addition to his
responsibilities with UPS Capital, he also is active on the Board of
Trustees for the UPS pension plan.

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