Robert G. Gifford

ROBERT G. GIFFORD is a Senior Portfolio Manager with AEW Capital
Management, L.P. in the firm’s Real Estate Securities Group, with
responsibility for managing the AEW Targeted Securities Funds. The Funds
make structured private placements in real estate companies. Mr. Gifford
has 17 years of portfolio and asset management experience. He joined AEW
in 1986 to assume responsibility for managing a nationwide portfolio of
17 regional shopping centers. Subsequently, he took on additional
responsibilities as a Regional Asset Management Director for the
Southeast, and then as a Portfolio Manager. A significant portion of Mr.
Gifford’s career at AEW has been spent managing the firm’s company-level
investments in the Taubman Realty Group and the Westcor companies. From
1995 to 1997, he worked with several of the firm’s clients in the
analysis and execution of portfolio securitization opportunities. Mr.
Gifford came to AEW from The Rouse Company where, as Assistant
Development Director, he managed development planning for several
projects in Atlanta. He earned a BA degree from Dartmouth College and a
MPPM from the Yale School of Management.

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