Richard H. Driehaus

Richard H. Driehaus is the Founder, Chief Investment Officer, CEO and
Chairman of Driehaus Capital Management, Inc. He is the CEO and Chairman
of Driehaus Securities Corporation, the President and Chairman of the
Board of Trustees of Driehaus Mutual Funds, theLead Portfolio Manager of
Driehaus Small Cap Growth and Driehaus Mid Cap Growth and the Portfolio
Manager of Small Cap and Mid Cap Recovery Growth Mr. Driehaus is the
architect of Driehaus Capital Management’s investment philosophy and has
overall responsibility for the firm’s investment process and style. He
is primarily responsible for all domestic portfolio management and
investment analysis within the firm. Mr. Driehaus has had a
distinguished career in the investment management industry. From 1968
through 1973, he developed research ideas for the Institutional Trading
department at A.G. Becker, where he became the firm’s youngest portfolio
manager and was ranked among the top 1% of the portfolio managers
measured by the A.G. Becker Fund Evaluation Service. In 1973, he became
a shareholder and Director of Research for the brokerage firm Mullaney,
Wells & Co. In 1976, he became Director of Research and a money manager
for the Chicago and New York offices of Jesup & Lamont. He founded his
own firm, Driehaus Securities Corporation, in 1980, followed by Driehaus
Capital Management, Inc., in 1982. Mr. Driehaus earned both his bachelor
of science degree and his MBA from DePaul University’s College of
Commerce. In 2002 he received an honorary doctorate degree from the
university. He also founded the Richard H. Driehaus Center for
International Business in the College of Commerce and has endowed a
professorship, the Richard H. Driehaus Chair in Behavioral Finance. He
is involved in a number of philanthropic activities through the Richard
H. Driehaus Foundation which provides grants and support for community
and economic development projects, the performing arts and architectural
design organizations, to name a few. Mr. Driehaus is also an avid
collector of fine art, furniture and decorative arts.