Richard Greenwood

Richard Greenwood is a Senior Research Analyst at Bedlam Asset Management Plc. Richard has 7 years of industry experience and joined Bedlam in 2007. He commenced work at Deloitte and Touche in 2003 where he specialized in tax cash flow modeling and due diligence reports for private equity M&A. His other experience includes academic instruction; from 1999-2003 Richard taught Classics, Latin and Greek at Wisbech Grammar School. He is a Chartered Accountant and is a graduate of Lincoln College, Oxford with a BA (Hons) in Classsics.Felicity Smith is a Senior Research Analyst at Bedlam Asset Management Plc. Felicity has over 20 years experience as an analyst and value fund manager working extensively in markets throughout UK and Continental Europe. She joined Bedlam in 2007 from Morgan Stanley Investment Management where she was Executive Director and lead portfolio manager for the European portfolios. Previously she was the senior European portfolio manager at Investment Advisors International from 1997-2001. Starting at ABN Amro in 1987, during the next 10 years she rose from sector research analyst to the Research Director in 1994. Her first experience was as a graduate trainee at Schroders in 1985. Felicity is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford and is fluent in French and German.