Philip J. McPherson

Philip J. McPherson is a Senior Analyst in the Energy Group at Global Hunter
Securities, LLC. He joined the company in June 2007 as a Senior Equity Research
Analyst in the Energy Group. Prior to joining GHS, he was Director of Research
at C. K. Cooper & Company, a boutique investment banking firm located in Irvine,
California, which focused exclusively on small-cap exploration and production
(E&P) companies. In his role at C. K. Cooper, he was responsible for new
initiations of E&P companies; additionally he generated the firm’s macro
economic analysis in relation to oil and natural gas price forecasts, which in
turn generated the firm’s price decks. These price decks were used to generate
earnings and cash flow estimates for the firm’s peer group of 20 small-cap E&P
companies. He joined C. K. Cooper in July 2001 as an institutional salesman.
Shortly thereafter he moved to the research department and was promoted to
Director of Research in January 2003. He was rated a 5-star analyst by Zacks in
2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006. Prior to joining C. K. Cooper, he was a Partner in
Mission Capital which was acquired by C. K. Cooper in 2001. He began his career
in the securities industry at Mission Capital in March 1998 as a retail stock
broker. He graduated from East Carolina University with a BA degree in