Paul G. Locklin

Paul G. Locklin is President and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of
the Board of Directors of CIDCO Mr. Locklin returned to CIDCO in July
1998. Mr. Locklin, a co-Founder of CIDCO, was President, Chief
Executive Officer, and a Director of the Company from 1989 to 1997.
Prior to founding the company with Robert Diamond, Mr. Locklin
established PCI, an international electronics manufacturer that
specialized in liquid crystal displays, wire bondable printed circuit
substrates, and high-volume contract assembly. While at PCI, Mr.
Locklin served as President and CEO. Previous to his time at PCI, Mr.
Locklin held a research position for the Color and Chemical Division of
Hercules, Inc. Mr. Locklin received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing
from California State University at Hayward.

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