Noel Yuhanna

NOEL YUHANNA is a Senior Analyst in the Application Development &
Infrastructure research group at Forrester Research, Inc., covering
database management systems, database administration, object-oriented
and object-relational databases, data replication, database management
tools, and related online transaction-processing issues. He has more
than 19 years’ experience in IT, holding various technical and
management positions. Mr. Yuhanna came to Forrester through its
acquisition of Giga Information Group. Prior to joining Giga, he spent
more than three years at Exodus Communications, a Cable & Wireless
Company, as IT manager, where he managed a group in implementing and
supporting their mission-critical CRM and ERP applications. Prior to
Exodus, he served as a principal consultant, benchmark specialist and
database architect for Amdahl Corporation for more than eight years. He
was also responsible for running several industry-standard TPC and
customer-related benchmarks, including a record-breaking TPC-B benchmark
on Amdahl Mainframe using Informix RDBMS. Mr. Yuhanna has worked on
several large terabyte-sized database installations and deployed high-
availability solutions for various clients. He has vast experience in
implementing and supporting DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix,
IMS, Progress, MySQL and Ingres DBMS. He has written an Oracle Database
Administration book and has taught several technical programs on data
management, security, scalability, benchmarking, consolidation and
performance. Mr. Yuhanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a
post-graduate degree in Business Administration from India. He holds
technical certifications in Oracle, Informix and WinFrame.