Michael E. Jones

MICHAEL E. JONES is a Managing Director and a co-founder of
Clover Capital Management, Inc. His primary role is Chief
Investment Officer, where he oversees the firm’s portfolio
management effort. Mr. Jones also co-manages the mid-cap and
small-cap value investment efforts at Clover. In addition to his
strategy and portfolio management responsibilities, he conducts
equity research in the healthcare and consumer discretionary
sectors. Mr. Jones earned a BA in Biology and Psychology from the
University of Rochester in 1976. He is a Chartered Financial
Analyst. When not tending to his firm duties, Mr. Jones enjoys
spending time with his family and is involved with several not-
for-profit organizations. He and his wife, Diane, have a daughter
and a son in college. Mr. Jones is known to play an extremely
competitive game of tennis and is also Clover Capital Management,
Inc.’s resident fly fishing expert.