Christian Magoon

Magoon, Christian

Christian Magoon is Founder and CEO of Amplify Exchange Traded Funds. An ETF veteran, Mr. Magoon has launched over 50 ETFs in the United States to date. He has helped drive the adoption of ETFs by U.S. investors through numerous educational efforts highlighting the efficiency, transparency and flexibility of the ETF vehicle. Previously, Mr. Magoon served as President of Claymore Securities — now Guggenheim Investments. He led product development, marketing and distribution of ETFs, unit investment trusts and closed-end funds. Mr. Magoon launched Claymore’s ETF business in 2006, and it became one of the fastest-growing and most innovative ETF sponsors in the industry. Mr. Magoon is also the Founder of Magoon Capital, LLC and YieldShares, LLC, two firms active in the ETF industry. Mr. Magoon has been honored to receive recognition for his impact in the investment and ETF industry. He has been referred to as an “ETF Pioneer” by both the Financial Times and Financial Planning magazine. Mr. Magoon is a member of The Wall Street Journal’s panel on wealth management called “The Experts.” He was featured by The New York Times in an article titled “The Low-Cost Power of Exchange-Traded Funds.” Mr. Magoon regularly provides his investment insight and industry knowledge to a variety of U.S. media outlets.