Lucas Ward

LUCAS WARD is the Global Coordinator for semiconductor research at
JPMorgan H&Q. In addition, he covers the Analog and Semiconductor
Manufacturing Service sectors. Active coverage currently includes TSM,
CHRT, ASTSF, ASTT, STTS, PSIT (SMS), and TXN, ADI, and LLTC (analog).
Previously, Mr. Ward initiated the Asia technology research effort for
Goldman Sachs based in Hong Kong. Highlights included helping Taiwan
Semiconductor to list on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as
organizing and hosting the first and second Asia Technology Symposiums
for Goldman Sachs. Prior to that, he initiated H&Q’s first on the ground
research product in Asia, including co-authorship of two groundbreaking
reports on the Taiwanese semiconductor industry, which helped to set the
investment framework for the emerging foundry industry prior to TSMC’s
listing in Taiwan. Fully fluent in Chinese and Italian, Mr. Ward
graduated from Amherst College in 1993.