Louis G. Navellier

LOUIS G. NAVELLIER is CEO and President of Navellier & Associates, Inc.,
Navellier Management, Inc., and editor of MPT Review and the Blue Chip
Growth stock newsletters, located in Reno, Nevada. In 1980, he began
publishing his research in his stock advisory newsletter MPT Review.
Since 1985, Mr. Navellier has been very active in the management of
individual portfolios, pension funds and institutional portfolios with
over $6 billion under management. In 1993 Navellier Management, Inc.,
was formed to manage the Navellier Performance Funds and Navellier
Millennium Funds. A graduate of California State University, Hayward,
with an MBA in Finance, Mr. Navellier has been very successful in
translating what had been purely academic techniques into ‘real market’
applications. Most recently he was featured in a book titled Secrets of
the Investment All-Stars by Kenneth A. Stern in an interview titled
‘Louis Navellier, A Man Who Has Beat Them All’. Mr. Navellier is widely
quoted in print and media.