Thomas LaVoy

LaVoy, Thomas

Thomas LaVoy is Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of IsoRay, Inc. Mr. LaVoy has served as a Director of the company since 2005 and was appointed Chairman of the board effective January 7, 2016. He was subsequently appointed Chief Executive Officer effective February 15, 2016. Mr. LaVoy brings more than 35 years of experience leading and building successful, publicly traded businesses. With SuperShuttle International, a leader in the transportation industry, Mr. LaVoy served as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. He was instrumental in developing SuperShuttle International’s strategic growth plans which included revenue growth from $35 million in 1997 to more than $340 million in 2015, acquiring more than 30 businesses, expanding operations to more than 50 locations and spearheading the acquisition of the business by a large international partner, Veolia Transportation Inc., in 2006. Prior to his tenure at SuperShuttle International, Mr. LaVoy served as CFO of Photocomm, Inc., a leader in solar electric manufacturing, engineering and distribution, from 1987 to 1997. During his term with this small public company, he was responsible for taking the company public in 1988, and growing revenue from $5 million to over $25 million in under 10 years.