John R Windeler

JOHN R WINDELER is the Executive Chairman of Alliance & Leicester Plc.
At the age of 31, only five years after leaving graduate school, John
was running Irving Trust Company’s largest profit centre. That year he
was elected a Senior Vice President and Member of the Bank’s Executive
Committee, at the time the youngest Senior Vice President in New York’s
banking history. Always an Anglophile, on two occasions John opened UK
operations for major multinational banks which enabled him to live and
work in London. In 1983, he founded Irving Trust International Ltd, a
London merchant bank, and in 1993 he set up National Australia Bank’s
insurance company. John Windeler joined Alliance & Leicester Plc in 1995
as a Non-Executive Director, becoming Deputy Chairman in 1998 and Non-
Executive Chairman in 1999. He was appointed executive Chairman in
October 1999. Mr Windeler is married with two sons. He has a BA in
English and an MBA in Finance from Ohio State University. He retains his
American citizenship but has lived in the UK since 1981. His interests
include skiing, tennis, opera, rugby and history.

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