John J. Lyons

JOHN J. LYONS joined Keefe Managers in February 1999 as its President;
he is also the Portfolio Manager of Keefe-Rainbow Partners, LP, and
Keefe-Rainbow Offshore Fund, Ltd. Mr. Lyons co-founded Keefe Ventures,
LLC, the affiliated venture capital arm of Keefe Managers, in March
2000; he is its Supervisory Principal and CEO. He has over 40 years of
experience in the banking industry. Before joining Keefe Managers,
Inc., he was the turnaround President and CEO at four different banking
organizations in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He was Corporate
Finance Director of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., from 1973 to 1976. He
later founded the bank consulting firm of Lyons, Zomback & Ostrowski,
Inc., which was sold to Advest, Inc., in 1988. From 1992 to 1994, Mr.
Lyons served as Vice Chairman of Advest, Inc. Starting his career as an
FDIC bank examiner in New York and Washington, DC, He later served as an
FDIC instructor on bank financial analysis. He has been a lecturer with
the Community Bankers Association of New York State and the New York
State Bankers Association, and has served as a banking commentator for
the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour. Mr. Lyons holds an MBA in Financial
Management from Pace University in New York City and a BS in Economics
from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an
owner of Keefe Managers, LLC, as well as Keefe Ventures, LLC.