John F. Ray

JOHN F. RAY is President of Legacy Asset Management, Inc., an Atlanta-
based investment management fund. In addition to managing private client
accounts, he also manages Legacy Financial Partners, LLC, a financial
services hedge fund. Mr. Ray’s career prior to forming Legacy Asset
Management is marked by substantial experience in both money management
and securities analysis. He spent nine years in the 1980s as a sellside
analyst with several major regional investment banking firms, including
J.C. Bradford & Company and Morgan Keegan & Company. He was also
Chairman and President of Commerce Capital Management, Inc., the $800
million asset investment management subsidiary of National Commerce
Bancorporation, from 1989 to 1995. Prior to joining Legacy, Mr. Ray was
a Managing Partner at Cutler & Company, LLC, an independent investment
manager with over $800 million in assets. Mr. Ray is married with two
children and has been active in a variety of nonprofit charitable

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