John D. Johnson

JOHN D. JOHNSON is President and Chief Executive officer of CHS Inc. He
began his career at Harvest States in 1976 as a feed consultant in the
GTA Feeds Division. He progressed through the organization, becoming
Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing and General
Manager of GTA Feeds. In 1992, he was appointed Group Vice President for
the Farm Marketing & Supply division of Harvest States Cooperatives. He
became President and CEO in January 1995. Mr. Johnson became President
and General Manager of CHS with the merger of Cenex and Harvest States
on June 1, 1998. He moved into his current position in 2000. He earned a
degree in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from Black
Hills State University. Mr. Johnson serves on National Cooperative
Refinery Association, CF Industries and National Council of Farmer
Cooperatives Boards of Directors. In 2003, he was named CEO Communicator
of the Year by the Cooperative Communicators Association.

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