John C. Garbarino

JOHN C. GARBARINO, a Founder of Occupational Health +
Rehabilitation Inc., has been its President, Chief Executive
Officer and a Director since its formation in July 1992. From
February 1991 through June 1992, Mr. Garbarino served as
President and Chief Executive Officer of Occupational Orthopaedic
Systems, Inc., a management company that operated Occupational
Orthopaedic Center, Inc., a company which was the initial
acquisition of OH+R. From 1985 to January 1991, Mr. Garbarino was
associated in various capacities with Foster Management Company,
a private investment company specializing in developing
businesses to consolidate fragmented industries. In his
association with Foster, Mr. Garbarino was a General Partner and
consultant and held various senior executive positions with
portfolio companies. Previously, Mr. Garbarino participated in
the venture capital industry as a Founder and General Partner of
Fairfield Venture Partners, LP, and as Vice President and
Treasurer of Business Development Services, Inc., a venture
capital subsidiary of General Electric Company. Mr. Garbarino is
a CPA and previously worked at Ernst & Whinney (a predecessor to
Ernst & Young LLP).