John C. Becker

JOHN C. BECKER, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of
AXENT Technologies, Inc. has over 20 years experience at progressive
levels of responsibility in financial and operations positions. Mr.
Becker has been with AXENT since its inception in1994, serving as both
chief financial officer and chief operating officer prior to his
appointment as President and CEO in 1996. Mr. Becker has been
instrumental in the company’s success and growth rates. Under his
leadership, AXENT achieved an increase of 89% in annual revenue and an
increase of 110% in 1997. He has recently delivered eleven quarters of
sequential growth and continues to improve operating results, while
successfully integrating the operations of AssureNET pathways, Inc.
acquired in 1997, Raptor Systems, Inc. and SNCi, both acquired in 1998,
and most recently, Internet Tools, Inc. Prior to joining AXENT, Mr.
Becker served as vice-president of Raxco, Inc., where he is currently
chairman of the board.

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