Janna Sampson

JANNA SAMPSON is a founding member and Director of Portfolio Management
at OakBrook Investments, LLC. Prior to forming the firm in February
1998, she was the Senior Portfolio Manager at ANB Investment Management
& Trust Co. in Chicago. While at ANB, she co-managed ANB’s BalancePlus
product line, ANB’s LargeCap Growth Fund, the Prairie International
Equity Mutual Fund and several other active equity funds. Ms. Sampson
began her career at ANB in 1983 as an Investment Analyst. Prior to
joining ANB, Ms. Sampson was a Research Analyst at Waldner & Co., an
investment research boutique, and taught economics at the College of
DuPage. Ms. Sampson has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political
Science from the University of Denver and a Master’s degree in Economics
from Georgia State University.