James A. Bitzer

James A. Bitzer, CFA, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, joined
Falcon Point Capital, LLC, in April 1998. Prior to that, he worked with
Prudential Investments, where he was Managing Director and Senior Portfolio
Manager of the US Small Cap team. In 1996, he spent a year in London managing
Prudential’s European small cap operations. Prior to his tenure as Managing
Director, he served as Vice President, Corporate Finance of the Prudential
Capital Group from 1987 to 1994, where he originated and managed a portfolio of
over $2 billion of debt, mezzanine and equity securities. Before his money
management career, he also worked as a financial analyst for Raytheon from 1984
to 1985 while completing his degree. He earned a BA degree, magna cum laude, in
Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara in June 1985
and an MBA degree with honors in Finance from the University of Michigan
Business School in 1987.