Jack L. Saltich

JACK L. SALTICH has served as a Director and the President and
Chief Executive Officer of Three-Five Systems, Inc., since July
1999. Mr. Saltich served as Vice President of Advanced Micro
Devices from May 1993 until July 1999; as Executive Vice
President of Applied Micro Circuits Corp. from January 1991 until
March 1993; and as Vice President of VLSI from July 1988 until
January 1991. Mr. Saltich held a variety of executive positions
for Motorola from July 1971 until June 1988. These positions
included serving as an Engineering Manager from May 1974 until
January 1980, an Operation Manager from January 1980 until May
1982, a Vice President and Director of the Bipolar Technology
Center from May 1982 until June 1986, and a Vice President and
Director of the Advanced Product Research and Development
Laboratory from June 1986 until June 1988.