J. Graham Russell

J. GRAHAM RUSSELL is President and CEO of Barringer Laboratories, Inc.
In 1977, he was with The Ocean Group, plc a major British industrial
services corporation, quoted on the London stock exchange. Over the next
several years, he held a number of senior executive positions with that
company, the last of which was as President and CEO of National
Environmental Testing, Inc. Mr. Russell started this company in 1986 and
built it into the third largest environmental testing company in the
U.S. with revenues of nearly $50 million at its peak. Between 1995 and
the end of 1997, Mr. Russell was an independent consultant in the
environmental laboratory industry. He also founded Chemical Management
Services, L.L.C., an innovative chemical recycling technology company.
He joined Barringer Laboratories, Inc., as President and CEO in December
1987. Mr. Russell has an MA in economic geography from Cambridge
University in the United Kingdom and a BA from the Cranfield Institute
of Technology, one of Britain’s largest business schools.