Howdy S. Holmes

HOWDY S. HOLMES is President and Chief Executive Officer of
Chelsea Milling Company, manufacturers of ‘JIFFY’ Mixes. ‘JIFFY’
is the market-share leader in retail prepared baking mixes.
Chelsea Milling is a privately held family-owned business. After
successfully competing in the world of motor sports for 20 years,
Mr. Holmes returned to the family business in November 1987. As a
race car driver, he won championships, was ‘Rookie of the Year’
at the Indy 500 in 1979, and competed in six Indy 500 events,
compiling the best average finishing record of any Indy 500
driver who started in more than four events. Upon returning to
‘JIFFY’ in 1987, Mr. Holmes led a transformation of the then 100-
year-old family business. With the help of others, a
professionally managed strategic vision was successfully

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