Harold M. Rosen

HAROLD M. ROSEN is Executive Vice President of H.P. Becker & Co. His
professional career began in 1970 as CPA with Altschuler, Melvoin and
Glasser in Chicago. In 1976, he joined Fel-Pro Incorporated, a privately
owned company with national recognition as one of the best places to
work as ranked by Fortune Magazine and Milton Moskowitz in his book 100
Best Companies to Work for in America, advancing to the position of
Corporate Treasurer before joining H.P. Becker & Co. in 1999. Mr.
Rosen’s ‘hands-on’ experience in operating companies prepared him for
his current endeavour. He has acquired a strong background in financial
accounting, and understands how companies operate internally. As his
career shifted to treasury management, Mr. Rosen developed the skills to
manage corporate acquisitions, and the underlying valuation of target
companies along with due diligence. As well, he had the opportunity to
manage a $350 Million 401(k) plan and had successfully developed a
training program to improve employees’ skills in dealing with their
financial future. Mr. Rosen has a growth at a reasonable price
investment perspective and classifies himself as a ‘singles and doubles’
hitter, but periodically will swing for the fences. At various times
during his career he has served not for profit organizations.

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