Graham Allen

Allen, Graham

Graham Allen is a Senior Portfolio Manager at Bradford & Marzec, LLC, for the firm’s international fixed income investments. Mr. Allen entered the investment business in 1977 as an Equity Analyst for the NCB pension funds, then the second largest pension fund in the U.K. In 1982 he became a full-time Portfolio Manager for the fund, overseeing both U.K. and U.S. funds. In 1985, Mr. Allen moved to Los Angeles to manage strategic equity investments as well as high-yield bond portfolios for Heron International. In 1988 he joined Bradford & Marzec, LLC, a boutique investment manager based in Los Angeles as a Senior Portfolio Manager overseeing high-yield bonds. In 1992, he transitioned to managing the international bond holdings for U.S. clients. In 1998, Mr. Allen joined Wells Capital Management as Chief Fixed Income Officer, overseeing $15 billion in long-term fixed income assets as well as $85 million in short-term assets. He was also responsible for the launch of two 40 Act mutual funds. After a short period establishing a startup RIA in 2003, he rejoined Bradford & Marzec, LLC, as the International Senior Portfolio Manager, where he is presently employed. Mr. Allen was educated in London, England, at Harrow and Watford Colleges, and is a Fellow Chartered Management Accountant, a professional designation awarded by a major U.K. accounting body.