Gerard S. Cassidy

Gerard S. Cassidy is a Managing Director of Equity Research with RBC
Capital Markets. He was a Managing Director of Equity Research with
Tucker Anthony Sutro Capital Markets, which was acquired by the Royal
Bank of Canada in 2001. He joined Tucker Anthony Sutro in March 1988 as
a Bank Equity Analyst. He is responsible for providing bank and regional
economic research to the firm’s clients. Prior to joining Tucker Anthony
Sutro, he was employed by UNUM Corporation as a Senior Bank Analyst. He
began his professional career with Gulf+Western Industries as a Merger
and Acquisitions Analyst. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from
the University of Maine in Accounting and Finance in 1980. He received
his Master’s of Business Administration degree from St. John’s
University in 1984. He is a former Director and Secretary of the New
York Bank and Financial Analysts Association. He is currently the
President of the BancAnalysts Association of Boston, Inc. He was also on
the Board of Directors of Tucker Anthony Sutro Capital Markets.