George O. Mallon

GEORGE O. MALLON, JR., Chief Executive Officer of Mallon Resources
Corporation, began the original basis for the company in 1975-1977, by
building an oil and gas exploration business, Mallon Oil Company, of
which he was Founder, Chairman and CEO until 1989, when it was combined
into Mallon Resources. His career began at IBM in 1966, when it was
enjoined by an hiatus of combat duty in Vietnam, where he was a Captain
in the United States Marine Corps (1966-1970) and subsequently received
the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation and Vietnamese
Campaign Citation. Afterwards he worked in finance, accounting and sales
at Monsners, Inc. (1970-1972); in international trade at the
International Merchants National Bank (1972); in management and planning
as Vice President of New Development at Bel Air Corp. (1972-1975). While
attending graduate school from 1975 to 1977, he began creating Mallon
Oil Company. Mr. Mallon holds an MBA degree from the University of
Colorado, 1977. He is married and has three children.